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Why do entrepreneurs become successful

I love meeting with entrepreneurs.  As a whole, entrepreneurs are so positive in their mindset and I'm recharged each time I have the opportunity to meet with one.  Success comes from the willingness to take chances.  It stands to reason that running your own enterprise does come with the opportunity to become far more successful than working for someone else.
If you are thinking about starting your own business then find an entrepreneur in your area to mentor you.  They don't have to be running a large organization.  Even CPA firm owners can be mentors because they too are also business owners.
I prefer to be around business owners.  Why?  Well let me share a brief story.
When I announced I was going into my own business, my Mother was afraid for me and shared with me quite a bit on the downside (should I fail).  I am not upset with her for that.  She has been working as an employee so long that she sees safety in working for someone.  Having raised her children all by herself, she was forced by circumstances to play it safe.  Also, she was just trying to protect her baby (hey, no matter how old you've become, you're always going to be a baby to your parent).
My thought on being self employed was primarily on being able to better control my own destiny.  Looking back, I know I made the right choice.  So many layoffs and even those employee friends I have constantly share their fears on losing their jobs.  Who wants to live that way?  Who should have to?
Think about it.  Wouldn't you want to be able to ask questions and share common experiences with someone else who shares your circumstance?  Wouldn't that reduce the likelihood of  learning an expensive lesson by not being properly informed and increase your chances of making it?
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Richard J. Garcia | 10/22/2010