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How to save money

I learned a valuable lesson a few months back.  My family was invited to a birthday party at a restaurant.
It's been my experience when you invite someone or some people that an invitation means you pay for them.  If not, be sure to clearly let them know the expectations so there is no misunderstandings.
My family (wife, kids and I) went and were surprised to be presented with a bill.  "What the heck is this" I wondered.  I paid and went fuming out of the restaurant.  I was under the presumption that all the meals (and there were many, many meals of takeout we'd previously paid for on behalf of this young man) would be evened out a bit by his family on this happening.  I was wrong.
Months later, I realized I learned a valuable lesson which I've been applying.  If invited somewhere, I ask now questions.  I don't presume so I won't be surprised.
Saving money is about asking questions to make sure you don't have less costly alternatives that you are unknowingly giving up.
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Richard J. Garcia | 10/23/2010