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Why a written budget is so important

Remember being in school?  For some of us, it's getting harder and harder to reconnect with memories of school.  There were the brainiacs, the jocks, the outsiders, the skippers, the druggies.  Some did well at school and others just enough to get by.
I want to focus on the brainiacs.  They who were on the honor roll.  How'd they do it?  Were they really that much smarter than the rest?  No.  What was their secret?  I'll tell you.
The brainiacs were organized.  They started projects early and avoided last minute rushes to get things done (including preparing for tests).  They planned out where they wanted to be far in advance.  They had excellent organizational skills.
Whether for school or business, planning is key.  I employ a written budget.  I used to keep the budget in in my mind.  The problem was, I couldn't remember all the pieces very well in order to see how I was pacing to meet or exceed goals.  Having a written budget lets you look at both the expenses and sales to attack reaching where you want to be.
Give us a call to prepare a budget for your business.  Using one helped my company to improve.  It could produce the same results for yours.
I am a CPA in San Antonio and provide bookkeeping, payroll, taxes and more.  We offer a free initial visit and look forward to serving your business needs.

Richard J. Garcia | 10/28/2010