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The importance of desire

Yesterday was a milestone day for my family.  My Wife successfully defended her PHD dissertation and is now a Doctor.  Yes, I am very happy and proud of my Wife and her achievement.
In her dissertation defense, she mentioned how those with nurturing families, money, etc... are not necessarily a lock for success.  She mentions that some people in her study became successful while being deprived of money, love and other factors yet still succeeded in spite of their life's circumstances.
I've seen enough of life to agree with my wife's observation.  Either it's in you or it's not.  
I'm so proud of my wife.  She lost her Mother during her PHD studies and worked full time while still maintaining a nurturing role as Mother to our children as well.
You can achieve what you desire to be.  The desire just needs to be in you.
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Richard J. Garcia | 10/29/2010