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Why learning how to sell is helpful

At the conclusion of my Wife's PHD dissertation defense (she made it, hooray), she went to get the vehicle.  After we finished loading the food which we purchased for visitors, the committee, friends and family, my wife presented me with a parking ticket from the campus police.  "Handle it" she said.
My first inclination was to tell her that she was the student and she should handle it but I've got big shoulders (an expression) so I took the ticket and walked into the office of the campus police.
Why is learning how to sell helpful?  Because you can sell your point of view in your personal life as well.  
Had I walked into the Police office full of bluster and shouting to high Heaven, I probably would have walked out with a lighter wallet.  Hey, Police are people too and nobody wants to have someone screaming in their face.
Instead, I presented my case in a way that identified some weaknesses in the parking situation on campus (including the lack thereof) and with a more friendly tone and message was able to have the fine waved.
If you don't know how to sell then take courses or read more books on the matter.  Practice, practice, practice and you will find that selling not only benefits your business but things having nothing to do with your company as well.
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Richard J. Garcia | 10/31/2010