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    I've been reading a well written book right now and it mentions how both paupers and the super wealthy have the same number of hours in the day.  Well, of course that statement is true but the book goes on to mention how the super wealthy do more with their time.  Hmmm..
    I took that book's passage to heart and have been trying to be more effective in using my time.  One of the ways has been to do more crock pot cooking.  If you come home after a long day and know you've got to cook for another hour just to have a meal, well that's when you make poor choices like spending more money on takeout.
    I've been doing more and more crock pot cooking lately.  Yesterday, I made potato soup.  Man, it was so good although the preparation time was a bit on the long side in the morning.  Still, the result after a it cooked all day was wonderful.  San Antonio experienced cold weather recently and a hot bowl of soup was a perfect ending to the day.  It didn't hurt that the cost of the meal was quite affordable when compared to buying fast food.
    For me, gaining time by putting dinner on to cook in the morning saves me hours in the evening.  It feels like you're a kid again and Mom has dinner ready.  
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    Richard J. Garcia | 11/04/2010