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The point of making your mark in life

I rode in a bike memorial ride yesterday.  It was to honor a fellow local bicyclist and artist.  He was in his late 40's and passed away after taking a tumble over his handlebars while riding his bike in an area that I've pedaled past hundreds of times.  
I didn't know him well but I had ridden in a number of group rides with him.
It's surprising how people will leave this earth.  Some from old age, some in accidents, some through acts of violence, some from health issues.  Well, you get the picture.
Putting off your dreams until tomorrow means the possibility that you may never get the chance.  That's the problem with later.  Later could easily turn into never due to circumstances which you never could foresee.
If you want to be your own boss one day then make today the first step in the process.  You just never know how many days you have left.
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Richard J. Garcia | 11/12/2010