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Why learning to prepare is critical to success

On my regular Sunday ride yesterday, I stopped off from my cycling to have breakfast and watch some marathon runners who participated in the second annual Rock and Roll Marathon in San Antonio.
You could tell pretty well who had prepared for the event and who didn't.  I watched as the runners clumped together (by and large).  In the various clumps, someone would be holding a small placard indicated the pace (3 hours, 3 hours 15 minutes, etc...).  
I had the opportunity to watch the runners who struggled behind the main groups.  For them, I think many did not prepare to run a marathon.  Perhaps they thought the experience alone would be enough (just do it) but over 26.2 miles, the reality is preparation is mandatory to doing it right.
The same is true for operating a business.  You have to prepare, have adequate equipment, inventory and training to succeed in servicing your customers over the long haul.
Effort alone may help for a portion of what you are doing but preparation is the key to long range success.
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Richard J. Garcia | 11/15/2010