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How to gain knowledge of your market

As a boy, I remember walking a lot downtown with my Mother.  We'd park somewhere and then spend hours walking from store to store (downtown was the place to shop back in the day). By the way, as a kid, I wasn't a big fan of walking. Thanks to the process, You knew the stores and their merchandise quite well as a result.  In addition, you were in pretty good shape from the physical activity.
Now, people get in their cars for even a short distance.  Why?
Yesterday, I decided to walk the neighborhood around where I office.  I can certainly use the exercise and it wouldn't hurt to get a closer look at potential customers who live near where I work.  Perhaps there's a chance for the neighborhood people to spot me while I'm out walking.  With all the money spent on advertising, something as simple as establishing a connection to your community may help to spur sales and respond to what they clients really want.  Someone they know.
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Richard J. Garcia | 11/17/2010