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A path to improving your well being

Did you ever have one of those moments when you look at a picture of yourself and say "Uh Oh"?
I went to a birthday party for my nephew about a month ago.  My sister recently e-mailed a picture of me she took at that party.  Gosh, had I really gained that much weight?  Sure, my pants felt a bit more snug but that photo was just the slap in the face I needed to get even more active.
I fooled myself for a time with the thought of my 2 day bike rides each weekend (around 40 miles total) were enough but dang it if the body doesn't become more efficient with the energy it expends.  In addition, I've made daily trips to the convenience store right next to my offices and the photo showed me the product of my indulgences.
My new path to improving my well being has been to walk more during lunch and to add evening bicycle rides.  It also includes a decision to stock more fruit in my office instead of sugary sweets.
They say a journey begins with a single step.  My first steps this week have allowed me to drop 3 pounds.  Hopefully, I will bring my weight "situation" under control in the next weeks and improve my next picture opportunity.
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Richard J. Garcia | 11/20/2010