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Learn how to shop

It took me awhile before I learned how to time grocery sales.  I used to buy without real thought on what I wanted to have in my pantry and refrigerator.  Now, I make sure to buy Holiday foods according to when they go "on sale".  
It really is quite a bit more expensive to buy a turkey in any month other than November in San Antonio.  I now buy the Sunday before Thanksgiving for my holiday food items.  In that way, I know I'm getting the best possible price from the grocer.  I also adjust my meal menu for the week to eat more humbly in the days leading up to our nation's Thanksgiving holiday. 
Do I buy fresh?  No.  I buy frozen and let the bird thaw in my fridge until I'm ready to cook it.  The great thing about buying a large Turkey is the leftovers we will be able to consume for the next few days after our country's celebration.  You have to get creative because the family will be bored with turkey meat.  So, we can have turkey pot pie and so many other types of meals.  I can't wait!
Speaking of pies, this year I'm trying my hand at making pumpkin pie and apple pie.  Don't be overly impressed though because I'm making both from canned ingredients.  Oh well, at least I'm trying to do something different.
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Richard J. Garcia | 11/22/2010