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A day of Thanksgiving

Our Country (USA) is marking an observance of Thanksgiving.  As a result, I have put a Turkey on to bake early this morning (3AM).  
It's funny how families don't seem to get together as often as I remember when I was a boy. As a boy,  there were many more gatherings outside of the holiday ones and I don't think it was any easier to make it happen back then either.  I'm sure that money was tight back in the day but somehow those people made it work.
I remember the first time I cooked a Turkey.  After researching online in a number of different websites, I felt I had enough information to adequately cook the bird without submitting both family and friends to sickness from not cooking it hot enough or long enough.
My Mother, still alive thank God is a real pistol.  She made sure everyone heard how her son missed checking the second cavity for the bag of "guts" at the neck area of the Turkey.  I will say that I remembered to take out the contents which were in the other end of the Turkey.  "Oh Mom, I'm sure you loved feigning mock outrage to remind everyone that you're the alpha cook in the family".
Well, it's time for me to sign off.  I still need to try my hand at baking semi-homemade pies (pumpkin and apple) along with preparing side items in enough volume to feed a platoon of soldiers.
May your day be blessed in both food and spirit.  Happy Thanksgiving!
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Richard J. Garcia | 11/25/2010