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How TV can be educational for business owners

So I was flipping through the channels yesterday evening on the TV in my bedroom while my daughter and her friend had control of the "good TV" in the den.

I was somewhat tired after meeting friends for Dinner at a local mexican restaurant.  Laying on the bed I surfed through a number of the channels before I began watching one featuring  the downfall of Enron.

It has always been my practice to question what I did not understand when working in corporate America.  For some, it may have been aggravating but I never liked doing something just because "that's the way it's done".  In fact I remember working at one particular company during an audit where a particular auditor mirrored my nature and would constantly be coming in with "one more question".

If you don't understand something then continue to ask questions until you do.  That situation was the failing point to me of the Enron debacle.  It took one whistle blower who asked enough questions to what didn't make sense before things began to unravel (for Enron).

Watching TV can be educational because you (as a business owner) may recognize patterns from shows which report on companies which found themselves in trouble.  

When people stop asking questions is when opportunities for others to take advantage may find a breeding ground to begin doing the wrong thing.  Ultimately, many people may get hurt because of the "that's the way it's always been done" mentality.

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Richard J. Garcia | 11/27/2010