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How to get lean

During tax season, I tend to put on weight.  I know I'm a stress eater.  Late nights and weekends, deadlines falling upon me like hail.
Right now, I'm trying to cut out breads as much as possible and taking walks during a portion of my lunch hour in order to lose weight.  It occurred to me that a considerable number of people walk in the neighborhood near my office.  I noticed the vast majority of them are thin.  Go figure.  Well, the light went on in my brain that perhaps walking (since I don't seem to ever to the gym where I pay religiously every month) may be just what I need.
Without the walking, I feel sluggish right after lunch.  With walking, I return to my office full of energy.  I've also noticed many of the pains in my back have subsided.  The weight scale is beginning to move down from what it showed from just a couple of weeks ago.
Before you think I had an epiphany, most of my change is due to an upcoming Doctor's visit.  I know blood work will be in order.  Why not take steps to reduce the possibility of medication.
It's worth a shot.  Perhaps I should say better than a shot.
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Richard J. Garcia | 12/02/2010