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Why being a dreamer is such an important part of self employment

I do it so often.  Dreaming of ideas for my business that is.  Walking, grocery shopping, laying in bed at night.  Ideas swirling around to improve and expand my business seem to always be rattling around in my head.
I understand how people who have been self employed for decades relish going into work each day.  Dave Thomas (of Wendy's fame) had already become a millionaire working as a franchisee for KFC before he had gotten his hamburger chain idea off the ground.  His family described him as a workaholic but I know his story because I understand the lifestyle.  
The other day, I watched a life story about Harlon Sanders (The founder of KFC).  His story was very interesting and revealed how Mr. Sanders was continuously tweaking his business concepts.  For instance, I didn't realize he had ever been a gas station owner before he added on his food business to increase sales.
Who knows?  Maybe one day, I'll implement an idea which will lead to a franchise concept and many people will buy the right to enjoy the fruits of my dream concept.  It could happen.
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Richard J. Garcia | 12/10/2010