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Counting your blessings

I had just finished up a solo morning bicycle ride through parts of San Antonio when I attempted to use my cell phone.  It was then I discovered it wouldn't function.  Part of me was thankful I had time for a repair on Saturday and part of me was resentful at having to change direction on what I had planned to do during my day off.
I was waiting in the store for them to announce my phone was now repaired when an old familiar sound reached an octave which threatened to burst my eardrums.  You've heard it if you've been a parent.  I'll get to that part of the story in a minute.
As a parent, I've carried my children when they were babies and pushed them in strollers.  I've always described raising children like running a marathon instead of a sprint.  It's a long road to travel and doesn't seem to end though you wouldn't give it up for all the money in the world.  Now, I love my children very much but it's tougher role than you ever imagine when you first contemplate the idea of becoming a Daddy or Mommy.
So I'm sitting at the phone repair store when I notice, well actually hear the sounds of a young toddler boy.  "Waaa, ughhhhh, nooooooo" or something to that effect is what pierced my eardrums in that certain shriek that only little ones can reach.  Instinctively parents react to the sound though their own children may be much beyond those years.  Hey, it's a parent thing.
Once I look in the direction of the wail and surmise he was being properly attended, I had a serenity come over me.  I remember older people who had that look when my kids were little and screaming their fool heads off.  I wondered how those older people could be so calm and at peace.
Now I know.  The sounds of little ones needing to be placated bring reflection of their own walk through early parenthood.  The serenity is knowing it's someone else's turn to make the screaming stop.
Yes, I did count my blessings right at that moment.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  My kids are older and know how to plead for what they want instead of shrieking and adopting the macaroni defense in an attempt to slip out of your arms in order to run around the store.
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Richard J. Garcia | 12/12/2010