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What are some qualities of being a good business owner

There have been many people I've run into over the years who have said how they thought about opening their own business.  Too many for me to easily remember in fact.  
I've even seen a few new businesses open this year by people who had worked performing a task for a business and now are doing the same task in their own enterprise.
The thing is, many businesses succeed or fail due to how the customer is treated.  Customers are much more careful right now about spending so "Whatya' want" is not going to cut it.
While riding my bicycle with others, conversations begin and last for long periods of time while cycling.  The complaint which comes up time and again as we ride is the poor service received when they gave a new business a chance.  Order takers are fine but if you run a business yourself, you need to make the customer feel special.  
Case in point.  I was riding this past Saturday.  I've ridden past a Mom and Pop restaurant hundreds of times though until Saturday, I hadn't sat down there for a meal.  I plan to be back and you know why?  One, the food was good but more importantly, the owner was engaging.  We chatted as I ate my food and she prepped her kitchen for the days sales.  Her business now has become a hangout for the local high school students, people in the neighborhood around her shop and passing cyclists (like me).
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Richard J. Garcia | 12/13/2010