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How to start creating your 2011 budget

O.K. procrastinators, You know who you are.  We've only have a small piece of December before we will be into 2011.
Whether you live alone and still work for "the man" or a business owner with a family and many obligations, you need a budget.
I've dealt with a bunch of people and businesses over the years and one thing remains true.  The majority of people I've seen seem to spend close to what they make.  Whether you generate a 5 digit annual income or more, the need to have a spending plan will save you many dollars in the long run.
Did you ever notice a small water leak which goes unchecked can generate so large a water bill each month?  It's the same with your finances and the lack of unchecked spending.
Some people are perfectly fine with creating their budget on paper and managing it the entire year in that manner.  Others will invest in software which lets them do the same thing electronically.
If you can establish a budget and stick to it, you will be taking the first steps towards becoming wealthy.
What is my definition of wealthy?  It's the ability to stop working and rely on your saved funds to go for long periods of time without the need of generating new income to sustain your current level of living.
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Richard J. Garcia | 12/16/2010