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Your Most Important Business Asset

Quick, what's the most important asset in your business,  Is it your building, vehicle, tools, or furniture?  Nope, the most important asset in your business is you.  Think about how well you maintain your building (painting, electrical repair, etc..), vehicle (regular tuneups, wash, seasonal maintenance), tools (oil, repair engine), furniture (dusting, waxing). 

 What are you doing to maintain your health and better ensure you will be able to service your clients.  Are you exercising regularly?  Do you eat right?  Are you taking supplements to strengthen your resistance to colds or worse? 

 A year ago I started changing my diet by adding oatmeal in the morning, nutritional supplements (omega 3 or fish oil for cholesterol control, multi-vitamin, acai berry supplements to help in multiple ways, milk thistle for good liver health), drinking 8 glasses of water a day, and riding a bicycle regularly for exercise.  Of course I should point out taking supplements should occur after consulting with your health professional for their approval.  I am not a licensed health professional so please do the right thing and get with them first.  You may want to read more about where I go on my bike rides by visiting the featured blog page on the University of Incarnate Word alumni page (WWW.UIW.EDU).

 Since I began exercising, I've increased my energy level, increased my productivity and feel less tired at the end of the day.  Riding has also reduced my stress level and provided me a better sense of peace.

 Take charge of your health and gain productivity throughout your work day.

Richard J. Garcia | 12/03/2009