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Somewhere back in November I began to get serious about losing weight.  Certainly the holiday season is a tough time to start dieting but the snugness of clothing and a visage approaching Jabba the Hut can offer a great incentive.
Though I ride my bicycle regularly on the weekends, I still couldn't take off weight.  Now I'm reducing my bread intake and making better choices about what I eat.  I have also incorporated a daily walk into my things to do each day at my lunch hour.
Has it worked?  Well, as of yesterday, I've lost 11 pounds.  Though it isn't as fast as I'd like, I am slowly losing the weight.  My target weight will take a considerable amount of time to reach but what's wonderful is coupling errands with walking to places near my office.  It's like I get a double benefit.
I'm trying to walk a distance of a half mile in every direction around my office. In that way, I've discovered the Post Office, Public Library, neighborhood restaurants and the like.  So far, I have traveled east, north and south.  West is next on my walking and I will traverse those streets soon.
There's a reason people were in better shape generations ago.  I think keeping some of their modes of travel (like walking) should remain with us.  It's cheaper than medication.
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Richard J. Garcia | 12/17/2010