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Feed your mind and your business will strengthen

I just finished up a book recently on business.  It centered mainly on the traits of American businesswomen and though I thoroughly enjoyed the book, the lessons to be gleaned from the text were fairly simple.
I remember thinking as a young man how I wanted to avoid becoming closed minded to change and rigidness of thinking as years would over time take their toll on me.  Be receptive to new ideas and yet be centered is the way I wanted to approach my life.
Even after all these years of operating a business, being closed minded is still one of my biggest fears.  To be closed minded is to block off opportunities to grow.  As a result, I like to let people speak first so I might learn a new way to look at things.  I also like to read (especially business related books).
Time and time again I've read how businesses which controlled a majority of their market lost market share by not adapting to changing times.
t takes investing your time but the payoff is a business which becomes solid enough to weather the upturns and down which we all are confronted with.
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Richard J. Garcia | 12/21/2010