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How to save money by spending

I used to be part of a vicious cycle.  Every year to year and a half, I would burn out the motor of our office supply store grade paper shredder.  In our office, we go through a lot of paper.  A key change here or there in programs we work on results in small piles of paper needing to be destroyed.
I stepped back to look at my dilemma.  In that way, I was able to deduce I would be able to save money by spending a bit more for a commercial grade shredder.
The one I currently own is probably on its third year of being with me and still going strong.  It would be considered the entry level of commercial grade shredders.  
Mine actually comes with a story as it was originally purchased and used at NASA.  Someone bought a small lot of them when NASA upgraded or perhaps downsized (who really knows why).  Regardless, I came into possession of mine through Craigslist.  I love Craigslist.
I was recently able to fill nearly two garbage recycle containers with shredded paper.  Over a case of paper was shredded (we let it accumulate for a bit...don't judge us too harshly).  My shredder went through it like a hot knife through butter.
Since it is near the end of the year, I need to step back again to see what else we can save on by spending.
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Richard J. Garcia | 12/26/2010