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Why creating a network of people you trust is important

I stubbed my toe recently.  I'm not talking about the actual act of bare foot to something hard but instead am talking about making a poor decision.
I bought my wife a purse as a small Christmas present.  We had agreed to buy a larger one for each other when the demands of the holidays were past.  At the time, I thought the purse would look sleek and stylish.  When she pulled it out of its wrapping, she had a look of "what the heck?".
The sleek look I imagined was exactly opposite.  It looked like an old lady purse.  I must have scoured the selection for 15 or more minutes and boy did I bungle.
I needed to redeem myself.  Thanks to establishing a network of people I both know and do business with, I called some of them and came up with a name to help me get her something which I know she really wanted.  It turned out to be perfect.
The front bucket seats to her SUV had begun to rip where people slide in and out of the vehicle.  Thanks to the expert workmanship of the place I went to, the bucket seats on her vehicle look brand new.  It's not often when I see that look of genuine happiness on her face but this year, I got it right.
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Richard J. Garcia | 12/28/2010