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    I'm up at 4AM CST to plan my day.  I've got to make some final day purchases for my tax deductions.  There's a long list sitting in my vehicle and I've got a couple of stops to make today.
    My wife asked me why I have been working later into the night lately.  For those of you who have businesses of your own, you already know the answer.  My answer is simple.  I need to set up the office for what I anticipate is to be soon very busy.
    We must have adequate office supplies, tax forms, etc... to meet the needs of the next few months.
    I haven't a clue if the neighborhood around my new office location will support my business this tax season nor if those clients who used me at my old office location will stay with me.  Though I'm only 5 miles down the road, some people may now find my location inconvenient.
    It's funny if some clients don't return to me in 2011.  I moved because clients had asked me for years to move from my old second floor office (without an elevator I might add).  They were getting tired of climbing stairs to meet with me.
    As a small business owner, you do some things with a leap of faith.  Here's hoping I don't crash on the rocks below.
    I am a CPA in San Antonio and provide bookkeeping, taxes, payroll and more.  We offer a free initial visit and look forward to serving your business needs.

    Richard J. Garcia | 12/31/2010