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What's the difference between bookkeeping and accounting services

Early in my career, someone asked me what the difference was between bookkeeping and accounting services.  For awhile I honestly didn't know since that question wasn't covered in my College classes.  Once I began studying for my CPA license I learned the difference.  To offer accounting services, you must be licensed to do so.  It's more than graduating from a college or university with an accounting major.  It requires passing a test.
Some businesses may advertise accounting services not realizing they out of compliance (since they lack licensing).  That state's board of accountancy will police the violator once someone reports them.
If a business doesn't have the licensing then they offer bookkeeping services.  Although I may advertise accounting services to the public (I have the license to do so), I normally just advertise for bookkeeping services because many people don't understand what accounting service means.
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Richard J. Garcia | 01/07/2011