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    Over the last week or so, I finished a couple of books.  One in particular has stuck with me in thought for some time now.
    A Billionaire asked a group of graduating college students if they would change places with him right now.  A Billion in return for their youth right now.  Not one of the students raised their hand to accept his offer (though it probably would be impossible to actually transact).
    I've been thinking about that same offer for a couple of days now.  No one took him up on the offer.  Would I?  No, I wouldn't either.  Fortunes of my own future riches, experiences, interactions and memories would be lost for the pile of money someone else made and a small remainder of time to live (after all, this particular Billionaire is in his 80's).
    His offer just reinforces to me how precious time is to us all.  
    Another year just concluded for you.  Did you spend it wisely or not?  I can honestly say I spent my year wisely.  I continued to work in my own business, laughed, enjoyed the company of friends and family and thanked my Lord and Savior each day of the year which passed.
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    Richard J. Garcia | 01/14/2011