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    Sometimes it's good to toot your own horn.  Well, rather what I mean is it's good to self promote your business.  The thing is, how can you do it effectively while not breaking the bank.
    I had asked a friend to make me some postcards.  I need to mail them out to clients to let them know we moved from our prior location of 7 years.  More time had passed than I was comfortable with so yesterday I made a mock one of what I want to be in the postcard.  The postcard is kind of cheesy but it gets the point across in a humorous manner.
    I had called a local copier to get an idea of how much it would cost to have hundreds made up and was surprised at the quote.  Well, a penny saved is a penny earned and instead I found an office supply store which carries postcard stock.  Today, I intend to run them from my office printer and voila, promotion for a pittance.
    Sometimes, it takes investing in a low cost desktop publishing program and some imagination.
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    Richard J. Garcia | 01/16/2011