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    When was the last time you received helpful information from your accounting/tax professional?

    My firm offers a free newsletter delivered to you via e-mail on a monthly basis.  It provides tax tips, quickbooks tips and much more.  This is not a promotional to get you in the door and 30 days later we charge you for a subscription.  This is a free service to demonstrate how my firm wants to assist you.

    Perhaps you have a longstanding relationship with a tax service.  Have they offered any ways of saving money?  If not, why not?  You deserve tax planning to avoid paying too much.  My newsletter may offer some ideas for you and it can be tailored to your needs.

    Do you have a business?  Do you receive monthly tips on anything from your present service providers to improve your operation?  We would love to assist you in meeting your needs.

     Free is a good deal.  If you would like to start receiving our newsletter then go to the tab marked resources and select newsletter.  Follow the prompts to sign up. Your tailored monthly newsletter awaits.

    If you know of someone who may be able to benefit from our firm then please let them know about us.  We are only a phone call away and we offer convenient hours for busy people.


    Richard J. Garcia | 12/08/2009