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    A while back, I had the opportunity to send some signage work I needed to a small outfit instead of a large well know one.  The price was about the same for either but I like giving a break to the little guy so I sent work there.  Well, thanks to a hard storm and improper materials used, one of the signs put up fell down.  Now I've got to pay again for someone to fix the shortsighted methods my "little guy" used to put up the original stuff.
    In retrospect, I know the larger company would have done a better job and I wouldn't be paying again for the same thing.  Am I angry?  No.  I'm disappointed but I'm still glad I gave the little guy a chance the first time.
    Now, I have another professional and he is living up to his word. He showed up on time and explained why things went wrong with the last guy's work.  I feel like I'm in better hands and can't wait to have things put right.  That's why you hire qualified professionals.  Peace of mind and quality work.
    I am a CPA in San Antonio and provide bookkeeping, payroll, taxes and more.  We offer a free initial visit and look forward to serving your business needs.

    Richard J. Garcia | 01/22/2011