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Which Quickbooks Software Do I Buy?

Let's presume you are a small business.  For years you have your ritual set.  At year end, you sort all your receipts and then spend hours to add up twelve months of receipts which you give to your tax professional. He or she then takes the totals to prepare your tax return.  Each year the business has been growing and it takes you even more time than the year before. You see Quickbooks software in the office supply store or perhaps you hear their advertisement on the radio.  It seems to you like it could work for your business but you don't know which one to buy.

Why don't you read a little more about Quickbooks on my website.  Consider the following steps to read more about Quickbooks and then compare the features of their different accounting packages.  To learn more:

1 Access my website at

2 Place your cursor on the Our Services tab.

3 Move your cursor to the Business Services tab and click on Quickbooks Services.

 From there you are able to read more about Quickbooks and what it may provide to you.  If you are still not sure on what Quickbooks product to buy then please feel free to contact me for a free initial visit.  I have been helping Quickbooks users for over ten years.  If maintaining your own books is not for you then consider our bookkeeping services to help you meet your needs.

We are only a phone call away and again the first visit is free.




Richard J. Garcia | 12/08/2009