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Patience may yield savings in business

It's o.k. to promote your product or service so you may generate sales but there are many people who don't like the high pressure of someone trying to close the deal on them.  I'm that way myself.
A few weeks ago, I was scouring craigslist postings looking for a wrought iron patio set (yes, I'm a craigslist addict).  I had a price range in mind and none of the postings were exactly in my desired price range.  I did spot one not too far out of my budget so I e-mailed an offer.  At first the seller rejected my offer out of hand.  Being a seasoned businessman, I let him know I would keep my offer open to him while I continued to look for another set.  The benefit to him was knowing an offer was going to be in his pocket for awhile.  Well, it's been about a month and I had spotted a second set near my price range.  I called the original man back to let him know I was about to bid on another set and would be removing my open offer to him if this other offer was accepted.  He called me back to say he appreciated my thoughtfulness and since his patio set hadn't sold in so long that my offer of weeks ago would be accepted.
The lesson to be learned here is no is not always no and time and patience may yield you what you want.
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Richard J. Garcia | 02/05/2011