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    My wife is in education and has been for quite awhile.  Over the years, she's kind of tuned me out when I've shared with her the highs and the lows of self employment.
    Recently, she mentioned how her school district is facing a budget shortfall and the effect it may have on spending which could include salaries.  Having been married for quite a bit of time, I bit my tongue and said nothing.  What was on my mind at the time was to share with her the fears which remain with most if not all self employed business owners.
    It's true that being in business for yourself means you have no hard ceiling on how much money you can make.  The downside is just that.  You could make zero while still having outflows of cash to cover overhead.
    My wife has in the past asked why I will accommodate clients after hours and/or on weekends.  "You're established now.  Why not have regular hours like everybody else."  I've heard that phrase many, many times.
    Now as my wife is concerned with the effects of school budget cutbacks, I offer a small smile.  She is now experiencing a small taste of what business owners endure every day.  Uncertainty.
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    Richard J. Garcia | 02/13/2011