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Scritch, scritch, scritch

I'm in my office yesterday evening when I hear what sounds like someone scratching hard into one of my glass window panes.  The sound interrupts my concentration so I get up from my desk and head toward the front of the building. What I appear to see is someone scratching into the building with something sharp.  The sound and the position of the fellow seem to go together.  I was incensed and shouted with an aggressive tone to stop that.  The trouble is the guy was only scratching at his game of chance card with a coin.
Perhaps my tone was a bit harsh and I apologized once I figured out what had happened.  As I headed back down the hallway I could hear the guy calling me a term which wouldn't be polite repeating in mixed company.
I should know better but the youthful look of the fellow together with my imagination were too much for me to overcome and I now realize I overreacted. 
Live and learn.  Perhaps down the road this may cost me a potential client.  I really must try to become more patient before I react.
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Richard J. Garcia | 02/17/2011