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Brown bagging it to work

The way I look at it, I've saved a small fortune since switching to brown bagging it.  Decades ago, I would eat out every work day.  Now, I keep my office refrigerator stocked with the staples which keep me eating a balanced diet.  
I eat oatmeal in the morning for it's effect on reducing my cholesterol levels, include a garden salad in my lunch and have eliminated breads from my diet.  Also, I take a lunch hour.  Thanks to my associate in the office, I'm pretty rigid about enjoying my hour lunch without interruptions.  I think it helps the digestion that way.
I've noticed I haven't had that energy crash in the afternoon like I used to encounter so often in the past.  
So, in exchange for not eating out often, I've gained energy and improved my health.  
Sounds like a great deal to me.
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Richard J. Garcia | 02/18/2011