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Calculators for Self Employment and Payroll

Small business owners may be unsure of how much to set aside for self-employment taxes.  We have a business calculator available on our website to calculate your tax obligation for self employment taxes.  Use the resulting number and key all your earnings, interest, credits into our 1040 tax calculator to determine how much you may expect to receive or owe from your earnings. Remember, you need to make estimated tax payments if you owe or you will have to pay interest to the IRS.

Our calculators are available on our website. Find our resources tab and select calculators.  You will find the calculators I spoke on.

Also, we  have a payroll calculator on our website to allow you to determine if your payroll check is being calculated correctly.  Perhaps you are a business owner and need to cut a payroll check in a hurry but are unsure if it was done correctly.  Consider using my payroll calculator as a backup to give you additional piece of mind.

Richard J. Garcia | 12/11/2009