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    January is just around the corner.  The commercials for tax service providers have already started on various media outlets and you hope this year will be different in your approach to filing your 2009 tax return.  So why not make one of your 2010 New Year's resolutions to be better organized for the tax season and to file earlier.  It's really not hard to do if you have a system in place.  How about starting with a way to collect your tax documents that will be trickling in to you early next year.

    My firm would like to assist you by making it easier to meet your tax filing obligations.  We have a tax organizer on our website (  Select the tab marked tax center and look down the selection list for the option Free Tax Organizer.  Print out the organizer as a guide to help you remember the documents you will need to either prepare the return yourself or to supply your tax professional.

    Purchase some folders at your local office supply store.  Take one of the folders and mark it Tax Return 2009.  Place your free tax organizer in the folder.  When 2010 gets here,  begin to look in the mail for the documents you will be receiving (W-2's, bank interest income, stock sale get the idea).  You may want to use your 2008 tax return as a reference to what you typically may receive.  The odds are you will probably use quite a bit of the same tax forms as your prior return.  Fill out the organizer and when it's complete then you are ready to have your tax return prepared.  

    We would love to be your tax professional of choice and look forward to becoming your CPA.


    Richard J. Garcia | 12/12/2009