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    Wouldn't it be great if one way of doing things solved all problems?  Unfortunately, that's not the case in life.  A case in point, my children begged and pleaded for another dog.  Mind you that we already have a cat and a poodle.  I was not consulted in the new dog drama.  So, guess what?  We have another dog.
    This new dog (a baby Maltepoo which is a cross between a Maltese and a tea cup poodle) has been climbing through the panels of a small containment fence we set up at night for the dogs.  They sleep indoors.  I've been awaken to the pitter patter of the new puppy by the side of my bed the last few mornings and no that's not supposed to happen.
    The new approach?  I observed how the puppy is climbing out through a small opening between the panels.  Thanks to tying off two parts of the containment fences, the puppy now must sleep in her bed.  Problem solved.
    It's the same in business.  One way of doing things may work fine for awhile but eventually, you'll need to acquire different approaches to accomplishing a goal.
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    Richard J. Garcia | 03/25/2011