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Advertising must be carefully thought out

I must admit when I first witnessed the dancing costumed people in front of tax preparation offices, I thought it was a neat approach to attract customers.  I've got to believe it's cheaper than TV and perhaps even radio.  So why didn't I try it for my business?  Well, two reasons, one was it would have felt like a me too and second is I felt it a more appropriate method to selling a product rather than a service.

Asking the last few new clients why they chose me elicited a few surprising responses.  Collectively they said seeing the costumed people out front of a tax shop had a negative effect on them.  They felt less confident about the work they could expect with a dancing advertiser out front.  Wow, I must admit I was surprised and learned a lesson about how advertising can work for you or against you.

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Richard J. Garcia | 03/27/2011