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Branding your company

The golden arches, the little red haired girl for the hamburger chain, the familiar shape of a soft drink.  Branding your company is something that takes care.  
It's been too long overdue but I am getting new cards printed to indicate our new location.  In a meeting yesterday I mentioned my need to have new ones made and a couple of people spoke out at the same time "Change the look of your cards".  What was once fresh and different has become stale.
Luckily I had asked the printer to work up something different before the comments but I get it.  Branding and how you present your company's image needs to go through a freshening up from time to time or it becomes stale.  What will my new cards look like?  I don't know but I'm excited to find out.
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Richard J. Garcia | 03/31/2011