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Creating a magnet for drawing customers

I had a new client stop by yesterday.  How'd they become a client?  Well, a combination of very fortunate circumstances.  First, a good location which has heavy traffic flow on the street.  Second, a fairly large marquee which lists our business name and some of the services we provide.  Third, we are adjacent to and near another convenience store.  
The convenience stores?  What's the significance of that?  Well, people stop, get out of their cars and look around while walking to purchase snacks and such.  They spot businesses next to or near the convenience store and when they pump gas, they must spend a few minutes just hanging out.  What happens as they hang out?  Businesses like mine get a second or third look as they consider perhaps becoming customers.
I really didn't know what to expect when I moved my office to our new location but I am darned lucky I found such a good spot.
Have I lost any clients in the move?  I really don't know yet as not all my regular tax clients have called in to set appointments so we'll have to see but this new spot is going to be very good in the long run.
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Richard J. Garcia | 04/02/2011