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A business card is essential

When I first started my business, I had my business cards made through an office supply store.  They were just like everyone else's in that they contained my name, phone number and what I services I offered.  That's all you need right?  Wrong!
Over the years, I've realized how important a business card is to my business.  It sets a tone to the public with the design of the card.  What do I mean?  Let's say you have three business cards, one is with fancy lettering, and looks like a card a Billionaire might have for themself.  The second card is of the cheapest quality card stock, the edges are frayed and the print on the card looks like it was produced on a home computer in a rush.  The third card is done in a tasteful manner with multiple color inks to it and the card looks balanced with content.  Without saying a word the business cards have each conveyed a message.  The first card might give you the impression that they charge a great deal of money for services, the second like they might be inexpensive but perhaps the quality of service may be suspect.  The third card conveys the business may be competent, they are looking to operate for many years into the future and they understand the basics of operating a business.
I recently had new business cards made by a professional printing company.  I gave them an idea of what I wanted to convey in my cards and couldn't be happier with the result.  Since we moved a little less than a year ago, we used the back of the card to provide a small map of where our building is in relation to a few major streets.  Our new card to me conveys that we are reasonably priced (which I believe we are) and that we operate with our own sense of style.
Why is business card essential?  Because people come in contact with so many others.  A business card in the hands of a potential customer is a calling card which continues to remind them to use your service.  I've had new clients call me after two years of receiving a business card from me.  A business card can be very powerful to generating new sales or continued sales to existing customers.
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Richard J. Garcia | 04/12/2011