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Overcoming the fear of public speaking

There was some study years ago which named public speaking as the number one most feared thing for adults.  Today, I will be making a 10 minute morning presentation.  You know what, I can't wait.
I've been attending a weekly morning meeting for a few years now.  In the beginning I admit I was truly afraid to stand up and speak.  I experienced white knuckled fear when it was my turn to stand up and my mind would go blank as a result of my nervousness.  Thanks to meetings like the one I attend regularly, the unbridled fear of speaking while everyone is looking at me is gone.  
I've been in other social settings where I must speak and thanks to weekly practice, I have more trouble in keeping my mouth closed than I do in chatting with others.  The benefits of practiced presentations have also allowed me to make new friends by initiating conversation with others.  I also sing in my church choir every Sunday.  A thousand people (in Church) who hear your voice (our choir membership is currently small in number) and watch you as you offer praise in song.
There are still things in life which scare me but public speaking is no longer one of them.  Of course, those who hear me sing might be afraid i'll sing again but that's a whole other story.
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Richard J. Garcia | 04/13/2011