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If you work for yourself then create your own perks

If you've worked for others then decide to become self employed, you miss some of the perks which come along with working for large organizations.  If your cash is low and you can't yet afford the full benefits package you previously enjoyed as an employee in those billion dollar companies, you can still create some perks which the large organizations may be unable to match.
I have an electric rotisserie in my office to cook all types of meat.  Try looking for that appliance in your large corporation's break room.  If you have a penchant for exercise, you may be able to keep a bicycle in your office for short distance transportation to area restaurants or just to release some stress of the day.  Again, it's unlikely the big company will allow that sort of thing to be stored on their premises.  I've even seen small businesses put in play stations such as the WII, PS3, Xbox360 and the like to work off tension over lunch or after work is done.
Until you can afford to pay for the larger perks big corporations offer (401K, health insurance, paid vacation and holidays) think creatively to make working for yourself a little more worthwhile.
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Richard J. Garcia | 04/14/2011