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How to find out the status of your refund

I have been preparing tax returns for quite awhile (over 20 tax seasons).  I prepare individual, partnership, corporation, not for profit, out of state returns and even returns for people who worked out of the country and want to receive tax consideration of that fact on their return.  My rates are very competitive as few people have selected another provider as a result of my rates.

Often I will receive calls from clients asking for the status of their tax refund. Hopefully, you will consider using my tax preparation services.  Even if you don't, you may still be able to find out the status of your refund for yourself in the IRS system.  

Although you should be able to access the IRS website ( for the same information, try using my website and selecting the tax center tab and the track your refund option.  If you have your completed tax return then follow the prompts and receive the IRS database response on the status of your return.

I look forward to becoming your tax professional of choice and await your contact to get started.


Richard J. Garcia | 12/19/2009