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Sometimes marketing ploys backfire

I've weighed the advantages of more overt advertising like some in the tax preparation industry who use people waving you in from the street or heavy media ads.  I must admit I thought it was clever to attract passing motorists attention in that manner.
Lately, I've asked customers who've switch from those places to mine why they did so.  Most of the responses I've received felt it made them more suspect of what services they might be receiving.  I suppose I can understand that as I might be a little wary if I found a hawker in front of my Doctor's office enticing me to come in.
Perhaps people want something more subdued in the way of advertising for certain types of businesses. 
So what's the answer to stand out from your competition?  I don't know but right now I'm glad I didn't jump on that form of promoting my services if people don't want to use me simply because of what enticed them to try my services in the first place.
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Richard J. Garcia | 05/04/2011