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Business owner's may have more than one in their lifetime

If you know me well, you know I'm a huge fan of craigslist.  I've bought so many things through the craigslist postings and yesterday was the completion of yet another transaction.  
While purchasing a large dog igloo (a form of a dog house), I met up with the seller who happened to be an old acquaintance of mine.  We chatted a bit and caught up with old times.  It turns out he is already on his second business (he sold his first) which is completely different from his initial operation.
Once you've become an entrepreneur, the type of business is not really as important as using the skills you've acquired from running an ongoing business.  
My old friend seems to be doing well right now and I hope he makes a bunch of money.
It's not surprising to me to learn of people like my old friend who have more than one business they run in their lifetime.  
Why do people run their own business?  Because it's an opportunity to make as much as you want with no one putting a ceiling on how high you can go.
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Richard J. Garcia | 05/05/2011