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How to purchase for your office

When I moved to my previous office location, my wife purchased a couple of visitor chairs as an office warming present.  They were a number of things:  Attractive, wood and fabric, and unstable.  Many people sat in those chairs and tightening the screws to keep the joints solidly connected became a regular occurrence.
When we moved to our present location, we again bought chairs.  This time I bought them.  I was solidly concerned about the functionality of the chairs first.  These chairs will probably outlast me.  They are the type of all wood chairs you might see in a courtroom, library or club house.  I love them.
The best part is I didn't buy them new but waited until the opportunity to purchase at an attractive price presented itself.  It helps to have the means to transport them (I own a truck so no problem).
Start looking before you need something and look for a fair price.  If you have the time and know what you need, you can save quite a bit with a little searching.
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Richard J. Garcia | 05/13/2011