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Reduce your stress for success

It's funny I am writing on this topic today.  I know I need to start my day to complete a number of tasks and I am experiencing a little frustration that my original three paragraph blog on this topic didn't post. Well, at least you know disappointment touches us all. 

Today's blog is how to deal with stress.  Everyone has to confront it.  From babies waiting for their milk bottle to people in the workplace trying earn to provide for their families. Unchecked, failure to deal with stress in a positive way may make the papers and national news.  

As I would not like to read a national story on how you dealt badly with stress, I am suggesting some methods to deal with it.

I took up the guitar almost 10 months ago.  I still don't play very well but I feel less stressed once I've practiced for an hour.  At the start of a new month, I move on to a new chapter in my guitar book.  Finishing a chapter each month fills me with a sense of accomplishment.  The thought of a new chapter as I get to the later days of a month give me a sense of excitement.

Find that something you enjoy to reduce your stress. If you were in a school choir as a kid then look for a religious or local choir to join.  If you were talented in drawing/painting then look to buying some art supplies and getting back into it. If baseball was your thing then join a recreational league.

 You get the idea. Find that something that helps you to lower your stress and start with it.  You may find you will become a better person to be around and may perform better in your job.


Richard J. Garcia | 12/21/2009