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My solution for exercise and transportation savings starts this Friday

As you regular readers may already be aware, I am starting my new means of transportation this Friday.  I plan on using my bicycle to commute to and from work.
I think I've decided on the bike I plan to use and will see if the 30+ pound goliath is comfortable enough for me.
The way I figure it, I've got a reunion coming about in October (o.k., call me vain), another Doctor's visit, and escalating fuel prices.  With the distance between my office and home, I figure a daily savings of at least $3.60.  Multiply that by 20 work days per week and you can see how the savings may begin to add up.
Don't get me wrong, my primary motivation is my health but saving some coinage never hurts.  I'm hoping the morning and evening exercise will return me to a weight class that I haven't been in for some time now.  Plus, if others do their part in reducing their fuel consumption, we can be able to make a stand to drive down our Country's dependency on fossil fuel.
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Richard J. Garcia | 05/31/2011