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The grass isn't always greener on the other side

I can recall reading the Sunday paper week after week just to benchmark jobs which came open too often for comfort.  I always felt those openings would be the ones I would avoid as there must have been a reason why they opened up in less than a year each time.
Money isn't necessarily everything (though it sure has its plusses).  Who really wants to work in a place where you aren't treated with the proper level of respect?
I remember one particular supervisor who seemed to find joy in taking yours away.  Dealings with her were like a prelude to a gotcha moment.
As a business owner and employer, I take the best of those I've worked with and for to create the kind of place I would like to be part of.  Studies have revealed that compensation is important but so is the appreciation and respect of those you work with.
If you are an employer, look to create perks when possible to let your team know you appreciate all they do for you.  It really does go a long way.
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Richard J. Garcia | 06/02/2011